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Cost of destination wedding - Chomu Palace Jaipur


Wedding at Chomu Palace, Jaipur

Chomu Palace is one of the most beautiful heritage properties in Jaipur. You can plan a grand destination wedding here with up to 300 guests. There are 100 suites and 12 different venues in this property.

The largest venues are Mantrana (Banquet Hall), Manoharpole Garden (Front Lawn) and Mani Chowk (Main Courtyard), all these venues can accommodate up to 400 guests. Foundations of this fort were laid in early 16th century, it was transfirmed from a fort to a palace in late 18th century.

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Wedding Packages for Chomu Palace 


We provide custom packages so that weddings can be arranged within your budget. We make it happen by doing decoration and other arrangements through our preferred vendors.

With our custom packages total cost of organizing a wedding at Chomu Palace is likely to be between 65 lakhs to 80 lakhs.

If you are interested in organizing a wedding at Chomu Palace or want information about other wedding venues in Jaipur,  you may request a quote from us.

Facilities at Chomu Palace


The facilities at Chomu Palace include:

  1. 100 suites

  2. Three large venues (Banquet  Hall, Main Courtyard and Front Lawn).

  3. Pool side venue (100 guests)

  4. Back Lawn.

  5. Prathishtha (The Terrace) for 300 guests and Chattis Dari with Terrace for 100 guests.

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