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Workouts to Follow before Wedding day

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

We all dream of an ideal dreamy wedding with us dressed up in the most perfect outfit adorning our shaped bodies. The traditional Indian Lehengas and Sherwanis are mostly preferred by us, as this gives a touch of royal look turning the wedding regal.

Perhaps, these wedding outfits can turn into a nightmare if your body isn’t quite ready to showcase them. If you have hired a destination wedding planner, you may ask them to find and book gym for you near your wedding venue.

Gym may be included in your wedding package, for more information on wedding packages please read our article cost of destination wedding in Udaipur.

Here we’ve accumulated some easy workouts to follow before the wedding day, to acquire the ideal body quotient and glow.

Note: The Workout Exercises mentioned below have to be done in a trained fitness trainer, any alteration in the prescribed workouts may cause injury.

Ab Workout

Usually the lehengas are designed to flaunt the stomach abs, and well what better than a well fitted Sherwani exhibiting those Ab muscles.

A workout regime with sit-ups, planks, leg raises, crunches, side planks, knee to elbow, if followed daily for around 10 minutes can provide you the perfectly shaped ab muscles in weeks.

Back Workout

A toned back is necessary for the right body posture; with the back muscles shaped properly one will keep their back straight and walk gracefully. Also if you’re thinking to buy a backless choli for your lehenga on your wedding day, back workout regime is a must for you.

Workouts for toned back include: Pull-ups, Deadlift, Row, Pull-Down, T-Plank, Superman, and other exercises.

Arm Workout

For the sleeveless cholis and attires, arm workout is a must, as the arms must be in healthy shape to flaunt the designer attires well. The tuxedos & sherwanis will also focus on the arm structure well if they’re fitted well.

Arm Workouts that can be performed include lateral raise, reverse curl, triceps dips, punches, shoulder taps, backfists, pushups, tricep press and other weight training exercises.

Chest Workout

Flaunt your collar bones in the boat necks by grooming them well with few chest exercises added up in your workout routine. And for the grooms well, who doesn’t crave for a buffed up chest carving out in the wedding attires.

Several Chest Workouts can be followed before the wedding day including bench press, incline press, decline press, dips, cable fly, pushups and more.

Leg Exercises

By including the leg workout exercises in your routine, you’ll be able to acquire the full body shaped up for the big Wedding Day.

The exercises to tone those leg (Thing and Calf) muscles will be leg press, lunges, leg raise, leg curls, leg extension, squats, and other leg enhancing routines.

Hope, this blog helped to focus on the body parts you need to enhance before your Wedding day.

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