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Cost of destination wedding - Chunda Palace Udaipur

Cost of wedding at Chunda Palace

Wedding at Chunda Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur has become famous for destination wedding these days and hotels of every major hotel chain is available for weddings, however, this city has been the choice of couples since a long time ago when there were only a few venues available for destination weddings. One such venue is ‘Chunda Palace’,  it is built to look like a palace. Chunda palace offers beautiful views of lake Pichola, City Palace and mountains.

Wedding Package for Chunda Palace 

We provide custom décor packages for Chunda Palace, so that weddings can be arranged within your budget. Since we have already planned wedding at Chunda Palace earlier, we can assist you in arranging your dream wedding at best price.

With our custom packages the cost of wedding décor and other  services is likely to be between 8 lakhs - 15 lakhs. 

If you are interested in organising a wedding at Chunda Palace or want information about other wedding venues in Udaipur,  you may request a quote from us.

The cost of organising a wedding at Chunda Palace is likely to be between Rs. 45 lakhs and Rs. 55 lakhs for 100-150 guests.

Wedding at Chunda Palace,Udaipur

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There are 45 rooms in Chunda Palace, if you book all rooms with extra beds to accommodate around 150 guests, the total cost of accommodation for 2 days should be approximately Rs. 17 lakhs including taxes.


Breakfast is usually complimentary, the estimated total price for lunch, high tea and dinner for a 2 day wedding is Rs. 13 lakhs including applicable taxes. The actual cost will vary according to chosen menu and number of guests

Wedding Decoration 

We can provide wedding decoration according to you budget, cost of wedding decoration typically ranges from Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs.

Wedding Management

Management services may cost anywhere between Rs. 50 thousand to 2 lakhs depending upon your requirements. Our wedding management services include guest management, vendor management, transport coordination e.t.c.

Sound setup and DJ

Sound setup for a 2 day wedding costs Rs 80 thousand to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. Fee of DJ varies widely, it could be around 40 thousand per night.

Wedding Photography

The photography services include pre wedding photoshoot, wedding photography, videography and shooting from drone cameras. The cost of photography can be anywhere between Rs. 80 thousand and Rs. 3 lakhs. If you add drone cameras then it is required to take permission from authorities and cost goes up too.


If you require Airport transfers or transportation services for travel within the city, you will be required to book cabs as per your requirement.

Wedding expenses at Chunda Palace 

Wedding decoration at Chunda Palace

Facilities at Chunda Palace


• 45 rooms
• Terrace
• Indoor Hall
• Swimming pools & Restaurants

Properties Similar to Chunda Palace

Bhairavgarh Resort 

The exterior of Bhairavgarh is also built like a palace and this property is also ideal for a wedding with guest count of 120 to 150 just like Chunda Palace. More rooms are being added to this property which will make this resort suitable for weddings with 200 guests.

This marvellous property is tucked away in the Aravali hills at the outskirts of Udaipur city. It is becoming a celebrated icon due to its professional hospitality services and facilities it provides for destination weddings. Bhairavgarh boasts of a gorgeous garden with scenic views of lake and mountains, banquet hall, a pool side venue and beautiful terraces, all these spaces help to create adorable setups for various wedding ceremonies.

The total cost of a wedding at Bhairavgarh resort should be less than Rs. 40 lakhs. The cost of accommodation and catering will be Rs. 22-24 lakhs and the other expenses include wedding décor, sound setup, lighting, entertainment, management services, band, ghodi e.t.c.

Fateh Niwas

Fateh Niwas is located 3 kms aways from Chunda Palace. If your guest list has less than 120 people and your budget is around Rs. 20-22 lakhs then you must consider this property as your wedding venue. This hotel offers well appointed rooms and exquisite event venues which makes it ideal for destination weddings.

The cost of accommodation for a two day wedding should be Rs. 5 lakhs approximately, this cost may vary according to the date of wedding. Hotel will also provide catering services for wedding. You may hire an event planner for providing other services like décor and sound, event planner can also help you in hiring other vendors like band, mehendi artists, makeup artists and wedding photographers.

Fatehgarh Palace

The expenses for accommodation and catering at Fatehgarh Palace are higher than Chunda Palace. Fatehgarh palace is a carefully designed elegant hotel which offers a luxurious ambiance for destination weddings. If you dream of a luxurious wedding with a gathering of around 120 people then this is one of the most suitable venues for you.

This one-of-a-kind hotel is located on a hilltop, you can see Fatehsagar lake and majestic Aravali mountains from its various venues. A professional wedding planner with an experienced team can curate an awe-inspiring experience for you and your guest at the wedding, exquisite décor at this elegant property can create a dream wedding setup for you.

Fatehgarh palace offers perfect setting for a fairytale wedding along with world class hospitality services and delicious food. It is immersed in a cluster of mountains, blending natural scenery with modern amenities to provide a magical experience at weddings. The design of this hotel is inspired from the heritage of Rajasthan and the Vedic architecture. Fatehgarh provides gardens, pool and a hall for organising various wedding ceremonies.

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