Udaipur Palace - Wedding cost & Best price package

Udaipur offers many exquisite and luxurious venues to organise destination weddings and the city palace of Udaipur.There are multiple wedding venues available in city palace and accommodation  can be arranged at hotel Fateh Prakash and hotel Shiv Niwas Palace which are situated inside the city palace.

1. Total cost of wedding at City Palace of Udaipur

The total cost of wedding at City Palace Udaipur varies from Rs. 90 lakhs to Rs. 1.5 crore. A lavish wedding at Udaipur palace may cost above Rs 2 crore. The total cost of wedding includes cost of wedding venue, accommodation at hotels, catering and wedding decoration. 


Services like wedding decoration, sound setup, transportation and guest management are included in wedding packages.

2. Cost of Wedding venues at City Palace


Jagmandir Island Palace is situated on an island in lake Pichola. It is used as a venue for wedding ceremony and reception dinner.

Price for wedding & reception

starts from Rs. 20 lakhs

Zenana Mahal

Zenana Mahal is situated inside city palace. It can accommodate more than 400 guests for wedding ceremony, dinner and other ceremonies.

Price for wedding venue

included with accommodation

Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is also situated inside city palace. It is a large venue which can host events and wedding ceremonies with  upto 1000 guests.

Price for wedding venue

included with accommodation

3. Cost of accommodation at City Palace

Fateh Prakash

There are 16 suites and  48 premier suites in this hotel, so 120 -150 guests can be easily accommodated here. 

Price for 1 room

starts from Rs. 44000 per night

Shiv Niwas

With 27 rooms and 9 suites this hotel brings additional capacity of up to 100 guests and space for other ceremonies.

Price for 1 room

starts from Rs. 24000 per night

Garden Hotel

Garden hotel is situated near city palace. It has 29 rooms and it is also managed by HRH group

Price for 1 room

starts from Rs. 7800 per night

4. Wedding package for City Palace 

We provide custom packages for weddings at City Place so that your wedding can be arranged within your budget while taking care of all your preferences. We make it happen by doing decoration and other arrangements through our preferred vendors.

With our custom package total cost of organising a wedding at City is likely to be between Rs. 90 lakhs to Rs. 1.5 Crore depending upon time of the year, guest count and your preferences.

If you are interested in organising a wedding at City or want information about other wedding venues in Udaipur,  you may request a quote from us.

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