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Beauty Regimes to Follow before Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

As the Wedding day starts approaching, the Wedding Couple surely

become conscious about their looks. Their prime agenda becomes to

enhance that glow on their faces and present a well-toned body to be

flaunted in the wedding pictures and videos.

Some spa treatment and makeup services may be a part of your wedding package provided by your wedding planner. Please see cost of destination wedding in Udaipur to learn more about wedding packages.

If you have chosen high end venue like Oberoi Udaivilas, the cost of makeup and spa will be higher. Please read cost of wedding at Oberoi Udaivilas to learn about expenses in lavish weddings.

It surely becomes confusing as to what regimes to follow before

wedding for that extravagant glow; well you should stop worrying

about that then, as we’ve jotted down some beauty regimes below:


Meditation not only calms down mind and provides peace, but also

sheds away negativity making you an optimistic individual. Many

researchers have claimed that when you start thinking positive, the

inner peace is reflected on your face and body, bringing that inner


Body and Hair Spa

Reflecting some light on body spa, it sheds out the upper dead skin of

the body leaving behind the shiny skin for wedding; also it is considered

that it relaxes muscles and bones that directly calm nerves. For the hair

spa, well everyone craves for silky shiny hair for their wedding day, hair

spas before the wedding makes it happen.

Balanced Diet

The food you eat reflects on your face and body. Healthy diet will

ensure a healthy and presentable body, it also solves various skin issues

like acne, rashes, patchy skin; also a healthy diet will provide shiny thick

hair preventing hair loss issues. Also drinking at least 8-10 glasses of

water each day for skin hydration is a must with a balanced diet

avoiding junk food and beverages.

Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing

Months before the wedding you must daily shed a small amout of your

time for your body in it cleansing, toning & moisturizing. As the skin

must be rejuvenated well and giving away silky smooth skin ready for a

wedding. There are several products available in market for cleansing,

toning & moisturizing; one could substitute these from the homemade

products for even a better result. Homemade products like alovera,

mashed strawberries, mashed papaya.

8 hour Sleep

Wedding preparations can be exhausting, but amidst all the workload

whether professional or for the wedding, an individual must make sure

to sleep a full 8 hour sleep in a day. Sleeping less can be harmful and

start reflecting on your skin by various ways, one the most haunting

side effects of less sleeping is Dark Circles, nobody would want

unannounced dark circler cornering those happy eyes appearing before

the wedding.

Follow the above essential Beauty regimes before wedding and you and

the guests will be surprised to see the glow on your wedding day.

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