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Raffles, Udaipur - Wedding cost & package


Wedding at Raffles, Udaipur

Almost every major hotel chain has a property in Udaipur and most of them will allow you to host a destination wedding, one of the new additions to the list of hotels in Udaipur is Raffles hotel, Udaipur.

This property is one of the most luxurious and expensive properties in Udaipur. It is a perfect wedding venue for you of your guest list has around 250 guests.

How much does a wedding at Raffles, Udaipur cost?

The total wedding cost at Raffles, Udaipur could be between Rs. 2 crores and Rs. 3 crores.

With our rough estimation of wedding expenses, you can surely have a fairy tale wedding here.

What are the wedding expenses at Raffles, Udaipur?


The total cost of accommodation and catering for a 2 day wedding with 250 guests is likely to be 1.5-2.0 crore. This hotel has 100 luxurious rooms and suites which may cost between 1.1 to 1.6 crore depending upon time of the year. The impeccably designed rooms of Raffles are inspired from Rajasthani, European and Mughal architecture, the furniture in the rooms have been decorated with exotic artwork by the artisans. All these rooms have a balcony which overlooks the beautiful Udaisagar lake, some of the rooms also have a private pool or a garden.


The suits of Raffles hotel in Udaipur offer breathtaking views of the lake and have a private pool and a manicured garden. Local artisan's have handcrafted the furniture in the suits which have also been decorated with exquisite artwork.


Luxurious rooms and suites of the hotel is equally matched by the sumptuous food  of the hotel. Your guests will enjoy imaginative menus by the culinary experts of the Raffles. Food of traditional cuisine prepared from ingredients and spices will create unforgettable memories for wedding guests. The cost of catering for a 2 day event is like to be 40 lakhs or more.  


The decoration for wedding at Raffles must match beauty of this luxurious hotel.  Décors like mandap, tables, chairs, centerpieces on tables, stage, dance floor, flower décor, and lighting would cost Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs. A lavish decoration setup will cost more than Rs. 30 lakhs.

If you select this property as your wedding venue, you would surely desire an exquisite wedding decoration matching the luxury of the hotel. A truly luxurious décor would include brand new fabric for all the tenting requirements and fresh flowers some of which could be imported flowers from places like Thailand. Usually luxury furniture is used in weddings at 5-star hotels and the decorative items may be custom designed to create a unique and exclusive wedding theme. 

Lighting is one more important element of the decoration. Major ceremonies like sangeet, wedding reception and many times pheras are organized during the night, so you must choose a stunning lighting setup to make these events memorable. The cost of decoration will be higher for a luxurious decoration but the quality of decoration will surely reflect in the photographs and videos of the wedding.


You would want to hire only the best photographers for a luxurious wedding as they will capture the moments which will become memory for the lifetime. Top photographers from cities like Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai are often hired for weddings at 5-star hotels. The cost of hiring such photographers may vary from 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. The cost also varies according to services required by you, a pre wedding photoshoot and photography using high end drones will drive up the cost but it will produce phenomenal outcome in the form of stunning photos and videos.

  •  SOUND & DJ

The expenses incurred for arranging sound setup depends on the quality of speakers, equipment and the size of the dance floor. You must choose the setup of the best quality for this venue to make your sangeet  an unforgettable event as this is the time which everyone enjoys the most during the wedding. The total expenses could be more than 2 lakhs which includes the transportation of the equipment from city to the hotel.


A lively atmosphere is created by seasoned anchors and folk dancers. You can choose to hire an anchor from one of the  popular anchors in Udaipur or book one from bigger cities as well. If you have hired a wedding planner then they can easily find the best folk dancers and artists as per your liking. The expenses for booking anchors and artists may be around 1 lakh or more.



Other than these, you also have to make arrangement for other services which would transport like airport transfer, makeup and mehndi. You may also hire some extra members in the management team and porters to ensure that all the ceremonies go smoothly.​

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Wedding Packages for Raffles 


Magic Lights Events provide custom packages so that weddings can be arranged within your budget. We make it happen by doing decoration and other arrangements through our preferred vendors.

A custom package of decoration and other services for a wedding at Raffles, Udaipur is likely to be between Rs. 15 lakhs and Rs. 30 lakhs.

If you are interested in organizing a wedding at Raffles or want information about other wedding venues in Udaipur,  you may request a quote from us.

Facilities at Raffles

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Raffles, Udaipur offers a range of opulent rooms and suites that provide a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. With their exquisite decor, modern amenities, and breathtaking views of Lake Pichola, each room is a sanctuary of luxury.

  • Abundance of Rooms: The hotel boasts a generous number of rooms, ensuring ample accommodation options for guests. Whether you prefer a cozy retreat or a spacious suite, Raffles, Udaipur has a room to suit every preference and requirement.

  • Grand Banquet Halls: Raffles, Udaipur features magnificent banquet halls that exude regal charm and can host lavish weddings and events. With their elegant interiors, stunning chandeliers, and impeccable service, these banquet halls provide a majestic setting for unforgettable celebrations.

  • Captivating Wedding Venues: Raffles, Udaipur offers breathtaking wedding venues that create an enchanting backdrop for couples to exchange vows. From lush gardens overlooking the lake to intricately designed courtyards, each venue radiates romance and sets the stage for a truly magical wedding experience.

  • Dedicated Wedding Services: The hotel provides comprehensive wedding services, ensuring that every aspect of your special day is taken care of with utmost care and attention to detail. From personalized event planning to exquisite catering and decor, the experienced wedding team at Raffles, Udaipur is committed to creating a flawless and unforgettable wedding celebration.


Why Choose Raffles For Your Wedding In Udaipur?

The Perfect Blend of Tradition and Modernity

As soon as you enter the luxurious Raffles in Udaipur, you are immediately aware of a sense of merging eras: a perfect blend of tradition and modernity that creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance tailored for your wedding. 

Tradition: As you browse the curated art pieces adorning the hallways, you are taken on a journey through time, weaving a story of Indian heritage with its eccentric modern persona. The architectural elegance of the property, infused with Rajasthani culture and artistry, imprints a charming old-world feel that sets the stage for an authentic Indian wedding. The hotel pays homage to India's heritage, cultivating a palpable connection to the country's grandiose past.

Modernity: While keeping the tradition alive, Raffles also actively embraces the conveniences of the 21st century. The in-house technology services provide state-of-the-art LED displays, sound systems, lighting, and high-speed internet for live streaming making it an unbeatable choice for a tech-friendly wedding.

At Raffles Udaipur, there is no need to compromise. Get the best of both worlds and experience an enchanting mix of old and new that will form the unforgettable backdrop to your wedding day


Opulent Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Spaces

Boasting a variety of spectacular indoor and outdoor spaces, Raffles offers a unique versatility that can accommodate any couple's wedding vision, no matter how grand or intimate. 

Indoors, the lavish ballrooms are adorned with grand chandeliers that fill the area with a warm, inviting glow. The aesthetics are as impeccable as the acoustics, ensuring that the heartfelt exchanges of vows or the rhythmic beats of celebratory dance resonate through the high, hand-embellished ceilings. All walls are covered in intricate Rajasthani motifs that will transport your guests to a bygone era of royal splendor.

The enchantment doesn't end there. Raffles Udaipur's expansive outdoor settings are no less impressive in their beauty. Imagine saying your vows underneath a velvet, starlit canopy, with mirrored lakes forming a stunning backdrop to your nuptial ceremony. Verdant gardens and landscaped lawns, dotted with exotic flora, vendor stalls, and seating arrangements, can host charming cocktail receptions or post-wedding brunches while providing breathtaking panoramic views of the Aravalli range. 

These spaces have modern sound systems, customizable LED lighting, and climate controls to make your wedding run smoothly, regardless of size. Raffles' wedding planners are ready to customize these venues to match your theme and create a romantic atmosphere.x1


Exquisite Accommodations Fit for Royalty

The accommodations at Raffles Udaipur are nothing short of exquisite, designed with outstanding attention to detail that ensures their status as an abode truly fit for royalty. 

There are a total of 101 rooms, categorized into 6 categories. The rooms and suites at Raffles are opulent and rich, with design features that are elegant and filled with sophistication. Here, everything redefines luxury, providing you with an unforgettable experience. 

Right from the spacious balconies to the marble bathrooms, each feature at Raffles Udaipur is intended to transport guests back to a time of royal grandeur and delightful decadence. Attention to detail is not only placed on what is looked at but also on the sense of touch, from the plush textures of the decor to the opulent feel of the beddings. 

Delicious Cuisine to Delight Your Guests

At Raffles Udaipur, the magic of Indian and international gastronomy takes center stage, adding incredible flavours to your big day. 

With esteemed chefs carrying an impressive wealth of expertise, both in local Rajasthani cuisine and gastronomic delights from across the globe, you can expect an exceptional culinary experience.

Customizable menu options tailored to your specific preferences and dietary needs ensure every dish served resonates with your taste and style. Be it savory snacks for the Mehendi ceremony or the grand dinner during the reception, you can guarantee an array of tantalizing tastes. 

Extraordinary Wedding Packages for Every Budget

If affordability while ensuring high-quality service is at the top of your wedding checklist, then Raffles Udaipur has got you covered. The hotel provides a diverse assortment of wedding packages that suit a range of budgets, without compromising on the delivery of an exceptional wedding experience. Whether you're dreaming about an intimate gathering or a lavish extravaganza, Raffles will skillfully handle all your requests. 


Once you select a package, a dedicated wedding planner from the Raffles team takes over the reins, smoothly coordinating everything from flower arrangements to guest accommodations. 

Opting for a wedding package at Raffles Udaipur does not merely mean cost-effectiveness; instead, it signifies an understanding towards your dream of a seamless, joyful, and memorable wedding celebration. The mastery of Raffles in curating extraordinary weddings, regardless of budget constraints, is indisputable.


If you dream of a luxurious wedding and your budget is more than Rs. 2 crores then Raffles is the perfect choice for you. Taj Aravali is one more similar property which you can explore in similar budget if Raffles is not available. The cost of wedding at Taj Aravali is usually Rs.  2-2.5 crore.

Save Money With Our Wedding Packages

Magic Lights Events provide high quality decor and wedding management services at best prices,  contact us to explore the best wedding packages for wedding venues of your choice.


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