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Destination wedding in Udaipur

Destination  wedding in Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the best places and most sought after destination for weddings in India. Royal palaces of Udaipur can be rented for wedding ceremony and reception dinner while accommodation and remaining ceremonies can be arranged at other hotels.

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How much does a destination wedding cost in Udaipur?

The total cost of a destination wedding in Udaipur varies between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 2.5 crore. Final cost depends upon time of the year, guest count and your preferences for wedding venue. The cost of wedding will be lower if guest count is lower than usual.

Cost of destination wedding at top wedding venues in Udaipur

1. The Oberoi Udaivilas

The Oberoi Udaivilas

Located on the serene shores of Lake Pichola, The Oberoi Udaivilas stands as a mesmerizing testament to the regal grandeur of Rajasthan. As you step through its ornate gates, you are transported to a realm of unparalleled luxury and romance. The intricate architecture adorned with domes and hand-carved stone reflects a blend of Mewar heritage and indulgence. The sprawling courtyard, adorned with vibrant flowers, leads you to the azure pool mirroring the majestic City Palace in the distance. While The Oberoi Udaivilas' lavish accommodations and impeccable service have earned it a well-deserved reputation, it's also a coveted wedding destination for those who seek a truly magical experience. Though the cost of a wedding at this luxurious venue is likely to be between Rs. 1.8 crore to Rs. 2.5 crore, the ethereal memories forged amidst its royal charm are simply priceless.

2. Raffles, Udaipur

Raffles, Udaipur

Raffles mesmerizes with its understated luxury and unrivaled beauty. As you step into the elegant foyer, adorned with exquisite Rajasthani artwork, a sense of tranquility washes over you. The lush green gardens and the breathtaking view of Udaisagar lake evoke a feeling of being in a serene paradise. Raffles, with its fusion of traditional architecture and modern amenities, offers a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary comforts. It comes as no surprise that this hotel has become a sought-after destination for weddings. While the cost of hosting a wedding at Raffles starts from Rs. 1.5 crore, the memories crafted in this regal setting will be cherished for a lifetime. The impeccable service, the attention to detail, and the sheer opulence create an ambiance that is nothing short of magical, turning a couple's special day into an extraordinary affair.

3. City Palace

City palace of Udaipur

The City Palace of Udaipur stands as a testament to the city's rich history and royal grandeur. The intricate carvings, delicate mirror work, and vibrant murals adorning the palace walls are a sight to behold, each telling a story of the glorious past. With such an awe-inspiring backdrop, the City Palace offers a mesmerizing setting for weddings. A wedding at City Palace and Jagmandir can cost anywhere between Rs. 1.5 crore to Rs. 2.5 crore.

4. The Leela Palace


Overlooking the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola and the majestic Aravalli mountains, this palatial hotel captures the essence of regal grandeur. The Leela, Udaipur, is a symphony of elegance and cultural heritage, offering a mesmerizing backdrop for a dream wedding.

The Leela in Udaipur is the perfect choice for a luxurious wedding. The total cost of a wedding at the Leela may vary from Rs. 1.5 crore to Rs. 2 crore.

5. Aurika by Lemontree

Aurika by Lemontree

Aurika is an ethereal paradise perched on the hills of Udaipur, where every moment feels like a reverie. With awe-inspiring views of the majestic Fatehsagar and the Aravali hills, Aurika is a blend of contemporary luxury and timeless charm. A wedding at this beautiful hotel may cost you Rs. 1.5 crore or more.

6. Taj Aravali

Taj Aravali

Taj Aravali Resort & Spa in Udaipur is a true oasis of luxury and tranquility. This magnificent resort offers a perfect blend of modern amenities and traditional Rajasthani culture, making it an idyllic destination for a dreamy wedding affair. The cost of a wedding at Taj Aravali ranges between Rs. 1.3 crore and Rs. 1.8 crore.

7. Taj Lake Palace

Taj Lake Palace

The marvelous Lake Palace hotel is situated on an island inside Lake Pichola. This unique property may be a perfect choice if your guest list has fewer than 60 guests. The cost of a wedding could be around Rs 1 crore if you choose this hotel as your wedding venue.

8. Radisson Blu, Udaipur


Radisson Blu of Udaipur is situated near Fatehsagar, it is one of the few hotels which can accommodate large number of guests (more than 300) for weddings. Total cost of a wedding at Radisson Blu, Udaipur would be somewhere between Rs. 60 lakhs to Rs. 80 lakhs. 

9. The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace


Laxmi Vilas Palace overlooks Fateh Sagar lake. A wedding at this hotel is like to cost Rs. 60 lakhs or more.

10. Fatehgarh Palace


 Total cost of a wedding at Fatehgarh should be Rs. 60 lakhs to Rs. 70 lakhs. 

11. Ramada

Top-Wedding Planner-in-Udaipur.jpg

 Total cost of a wedding at Ramada should be Rs. 60 lakhs or more. 

12. Hotel Lakend


Weddings at Hotel Lakend usually cost around Rs 50 lakhs.

13. Chunda Palace


Chunda Palace is one of the best properties for you if your guest count is 120 or lower. The cost of organizing a wedding at Chunda Palace is approximately Rs. 50 lakhs.

14. Ramee Royal


Ramee Royal is situated on the outskirts of Udaipur city, it allows you flexibility of choosing rooms and venues as per your requirements. It may cost Rs. 45 lakhs approximately to organize a wedding at Ramee Royal in Udaipur.

15. Justa Sajjangarh


A wedding at Justa Sajjangarh costs between Rs. 40 lakhs and Rs. 55 lakhs.

16. Bamboo Saa


A wedding at Bamboo Saa costs between Rs. 35 lakhs and Rs. 50 lakhs.

17. Shouryagarh Resort & Spa


This property is perfect for small weddings. A wedding at Shouryagarh may cost Rs 34 lakhs or more.

18. Bhairavgarh


Bhairavgarh is a popular wedding venue. A wedding at Bahravgarh may cost Rs. 30 lakhs.

19. Shilpi Resort


A wedding at Shilpi resort costs upward of Rs. 30 lakhs

20. Ramya Resort


Ramya resort is a good choice for small weddings. A wedding at Ramya resort costs between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 30 lakhs.

Wedding expenses in Udaipur

  • Venue Charges

The biggest expense of a destination wedding is that of booking a venue. Since you will be using spaces like lawns and banquet hall for various ceremonies, most hotels will require you to also book accommodation for your guests at their property.

If your budget is Rs. 1.5 crore or more, you can go for top wedding venues like Jagmandir Island Palace, City Palace The Oberoi Udaivilas, The Leela, Raffles and Taj Aravali. Radisson Blu and Ramada are perfect choices for a budget of Rs. 60-70 lakhs. There are many resorts and hotels available for weddings with budget less than Rs. 50 lakhs like Chunda Palace, Shouryagarh, Bhairavgarh and Ramee Royal.

The cost of accommodation and venue is usually around 70% of total wedding cost. If you are getting married during peak season in months on November and December then cost of booking venue will be higher. If you wish to save money, you may choose months of September, October, February or March to get married.

  • Event Management & Hospitality Services

Wedding planners bring a team of trained professionals to manage wedding, so that you and your family can enjoy wedding while they care of all the arrangements. The cost of such services is likely to be Rs. 40–80 thousand.

Guest management team assists your guests during all the wedding ceremonies. They also coordinate transportation activities like airport transfers and local travel.

  • Food & Beverages

Catering cost for one day, including the lunch, dinner and high tea is around Rs. 10000–12000 per person at luxury hotels and Rs. 4000–8000 per person at other hotels and resorts. It is recommended to choose an all-inclusive catering package as a la carte is more expensive.

Most wedding venues provide in house catering, in fact most of them do not allow outside caterers. GST is also applicable for all food & beverage items.

  • Wedding Décor

Wedding decoration includes tenting, furniture and floral decoration. The cost of wedding decoration varies widely, it comes to Rs. 6–25 lakhs depending on your requirements. The cost goes up if you need exotic flowers, customised props or special furniture, if there is a possibility of rain during your wedding then waterproofing of tents also cost extra.

Wedding decoration at top venues like Oberoi Udaivilas costs Rs. 16–25 lakhs. At other wedding venues a beautiful setup can be arranged for as low as Rs. 7 lakhs and a fabulous decor setup would cost Rs. 12–15 lakhs.

  • Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers are available between Rs. 1.5–2 lakhs in Udaipur, the total price depends on the quality and extra services like drone photography. Your wedding planner can also help you find a good photographer for fair price. You may also choose to hire a well known photographer from Mumbai or Delhi, however, this will cost you between Rs. 2.5–5 lakhs.

Pre Wedding shoots and Wedding video are also important for a lot of couples. Traditional wedding video with one camera is cheaper, but high quality wedding cinematography is costlier and it means that 2 cameramen record the memories of your wedding day in high quality.

  • Sound

Sangeet ceremony is an integral part of Indian weddings, so most wedding planner include sound setup in their packages. There will be some extra cost if you also want LED screen or extra speakers.

  • Entertainment

There are quite a few options available to you if you want to make special arrangements to entertain your guests. You can ask your wedding planner to arrange Anchor, DJ, folk dancers or Russian dancers. The cost of such services depends on service provider, however experienced wedding planner can suggest you best options that fit your budget.

  • Transportation

Transportation for airport transfers and local travel is usually arranged by booking a number of cabs. The per day cost of each cab could be Rs. 3500–7000. Cost will be high if you wish to book a vintage car or a high end car for baarat.

  • Special Requirements

If you have special requirements like elephants, vintage cars, special cutlery, or imported flowers, it can be arranged with additional price.

  • Miscellaneous

There are few more expenses like gift hampers, pooja samagri, sign boards, and hashtags, all of these can be arranged at your request.

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